Dental procedures explained… (Not quite sure what your dentist meant? Here it is explained in “layman’s terms”)

Shade taking and try-ins

We at Newvision Dental pride ourselves in the quality restorations we produce – but producing such high end products doesn’t just happen by luck! Lots of preparation, consultation and hard work goes into the making of perfection…

Matching the colour and characteristics of natural teeth with artificial restoration can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding procedures in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. As you know, your natural teeth reveal abundant information about your background and personality and can vary greatly in colour and shape. In addition, factors such as smoking or coffee stains, calcium or hairline cracks can add challenges to a possibly already challenging job…

This is why we at Newvision Dental encourage our dentists to send their patients (you) to the laboratory for shade taking and try-ins. It makes sense that we see the patient as it is the labs job to make the restoration look as natural as your own teeth. This way we can take the shade and make notes of any influencing factors that might exist. We even make use of photography which gives us a medium to refer to when you are not there – enabling us to create your restoration as close to perfect as possible.

To add, seeing you face to face provide us with the opportunity to re-establish your unique characteristics and achieve the most natural restoration possible – because nothing expresses an individual’s personality more than a smile!

We also suggest to our patients that they need to come back for a try-in – once your crown is ready, you will come back to the lab for us to try the crown in, to ensure that it looks completely natural and is aesthetically pleasing. This procedure is not painful at all – the technician will gently take the temporary crown off the prepped tooth and fit the new crown/restoration. This way we can make sure that both parties are happy and that the crown looks just like your natural teeth.

In some cases, additional work may be required which entails “staining” or colour matching and glazing of your crown – during this procedure the crown will have to be placed back in the furnace and baked at a 850 degree temperature and then be left to cool again before we can check it once again, in the mouth. This is why it is very vitally important that you allow sufficient spare time for the try-in procedure. This extra care, attention and time costs you nothing and will ensure that the crown that gets permanently bonded into your mouth looks like your own natural teeth – we are only satisfied that the work is good enough when you can’t tell the difference between your teeth and the crown. Naturally – the way is should be.