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  • Screw Retained Dentures On Implants
  • VMK Bridge With Gingiva
  • VMK & Bridges on Titanium Abutment
  • e.max Crown on Cerconium Under Structures
  • e.max on Cerconium Abutment
  • Screw Retained Dentures On Implants
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  • Chrome Colbolt Denture
  • Spider Chrome Colbolt Denture
  • Plastic Denture
  • Telescopic Denture
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Shade Taking

Closely matching natural teeth with artificial restoration can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding procedures in restorative dentistry. Natural teeth reveal abundant information about our patients back ground and personality and can vary greatly in colour and shape. At Newvision Dental Laboratory we encourage our dentists to send their patients to the laboratory – we will take the shade so you don’t have to. Seeing your patient face to face provides us with the opportunity to re-establish their unique characteristics and achieve the most natural restoration possible – because nothing expresses an individuals personality more then a smile!

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Milled Bars on Implants


  • Dentures On Bars
  • Milled Bars